Being able to just look at someone and feel this rush of love and joy wash over you is seriously the greatest thing ever. I’ve been watching my son play on and off throughout the night and I can’t help the consuming feeling that takes over. He really does make my heart melt. And then his daddy gets home and they start playing a puzzle game on the kindle and it just becomes so apparent to me that this is it. This is my life, and it’s the most amazing life ever.

Of course that doesn’t mean that my 3 year old is a perfectly well behaved child because there have been times where he’s driven me so crazy that I literally feel like I’m ready to check in to the loony bin. But he is my everything. He saved my life, arrived in the darkest of times. I was at my lowest, having just lost my daughter when I found out I was pregnant again. He was a sign. His existence reminded me that it was okay to keep living and to enjoy life.

Don’t ever take your children for granted. I know they’re annoying and make you question your sanity and parenting, but they are a part of you. They came from you. It is your responsibility to love, nurture, guide and teach them. You should accept them for who they are, support them and let them know when they’ve made mistakes. Parenting is a surreal journey, and as long as you’re truly trying… then I think it is quite possible that you’re doing a good job.

Don’t fail your children, and hopefully… they wont fail you<3