“Hello, how are you today?”

“I’m good, how are you?”

Is that so fucking hard… do me a favor. Next time you’re out shopping and an employee of whatever establishment you’re at says “Hello”, ANSWER THEM! There is nothing more annoying and offensive to us retail workers than a customer  who doesn’t even have the common decency to say hello back.

Were you not raised properly? Or do you think I’m beneath you because I work in retail? Whatever the reason may be I really don’t give a shit. Stop being an asshole or else I will squish your bread or poke a hole through the wrap on your fresh meat. I work in a grocery store and as you can tell, I just L<3VE it.

Whatever happened to people having manners… and the funny thing is it’s the older people (40 YRS AND UP) that are the worst! So don’t go blaming the younger generations all you high and mighty middle agers out there. I’m 26 and would never even think to blatantly ignore someone talking directly too me while assisting me. Let alone go out of my way to be rude and snotty.