I hate that feeling of your life being nothing more than a scheduled day of shit to get done. I enjoy being lazy and enjoying the moment I’m in. What’s the point of being alive if you don’t take in the air your breathing or the people around you. Life is too short.

(Don’t get me wrong… I will eventually get the necessities done and make sure I have all my responsibilities in tow because we all have to adult now and then.)

Enjoy your life, the moments that God, fate or destiny has put in front of you. Tell the ones you love and you do indeed LOVE them… everyday. Smell that pretty flower you see along the sidewalk. Look up into the sky at the clouds or stars. Feel the raindrops hit your face. The warm breath of your child on your chest as they fall asleep. This is life. Feeling and appreciating all of it’s beauty is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Don’t get all wrapped up in the day to day tasks of being an adult. It sucks. It will make you feel miserable and over worked.

Remember that innocence we had as children? That carefree I don’t give a FUCK attitude?? Bring it back! It’s still inside of you… Make some time everyday to just be alive and feel, it won’t kill ya. It’ll bring you back to life.