During these past weeks and for quite a few more to come, I will be planning the best wedding ever! Who’s judging you ask? Me. DUH…

I’m getting married at the end of May and so far everything has run pretty smoothly I guess. I’ve seen those bridezilla shows and what not and can

Me & my future hubby Clifford ❤

honestly say I have yet to have any serious meltdowns or bitch attacks. I definitely had a couple WTF moment’s though. Mostly just because I can’t stand people, even those I chose to be in my wedding (I’m not a people person).

For the most part though their hasn’t been one person that has seriously disappointed me. I’ve gotten pretty good at brushing things off over the years and simply not giving a shit about what other people think about how this wedding should go. It’s my wedding. Yes, my fiance is the other half here but let’s be honest… when do men actually care about what happens? He sure as hell doesn’t and that is FINE with me. I would much rather be calling the shots anyway!

The Fairways of Halfmoon

The place where we are getting married is gorgeous.Not too
pricey and seems to have a really great staff. So all in all this is an exciting time with minimal stress.

The one thing I 148.jpghave gained from all of this… the “life lesson” is that you can’t really rely
on people to be there, or do what they agreed to do. This doesn’t go for everyone involved or even anyone close necessarily so if you’re reading this – don’t get all bent out of shape friends & family.So if your thinking of getting married…. remember this. Drink lots of alcohol, keep your cool – it’s just a wedding, and try to craft and do as much DIY as you can because this shit is EXPENSIVE!